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Our family trip to Turks and Caicos


November 6, 2016 - November 13,2016

Our family vacation to Turks and Caicos came just in the nik of time. We had a few rough weeks heading up to our trip and as a family we couldn't be more thankful for our time together. With Don being in the hospital for a few days and missing out on Halloween and being pretty depressed about what happened, our trip was just what we all needed to put that behind us and appreciate the love we all have for one another. We are so glad that we all had time to relax, soak in the sunshine and spend quality time together.  It was a heavenly week together as a family.  We took lots of pictures so that we could share our adventure with all of you!
Back in February, I was sitting in the parking lot waiting for the kids to get out of school and it was snowing. I thought to myself, I know we said no more big vacations after our last two trips to Disney but I couldn't imagine sitting home for a week when the kids had off and not going anywhere. It's these times that our kids are going to cherish and remember forever! I'd heard of people saying that the beaches Turks and Caicos resort was one of the most fabulous family trips to take but its also one of the most expensive so I was hesitant but I pleaded to Don and we made it happen. Nine months later we were fighting the stomach virus, a major GI bleed and some very scared kids but it didn't stop us and we went on our trip with out a hitch.
Resort and Trip Overview
So the resort has a total of 19  restaurants, 2 being adults only, which we never visited because our kids don't like to leave us. lol.... wonder if they will still be sleeping with us when they are 13,15 and 16. Believe it or not, all three kids slept downstairs together in the townhouse and Don and I slept alone together for the first time in years. Anyway, back to the restaurants.. Our first stop was brick oven pizza from Dino's as a pre dinner snack after we got our drinks from the pool bar. The kids were so excited to order virgin daiquiris and couldn't believe that we didn't have to pay for any of it. The pizza was so good and Don said, "you mean to tell me you only ordered one pizza for all five of us" and it's an individual pizza and we are at an all inclusive resort!! HaHa, yes, I wasn't really thinking. From then on, we all ordered our own appetizers, meals and if we were still hungry we engorged in dessert. After our late lunch we went swimming immediately in our pool that was literally right outside our resort door. And, did I mention, when we first arrived we were automatically upgraded to a 2 bedroom suite. We had three balcony's, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, an eating area, and even a washer and dryer. I said , "I think we need to sell our house and move into a townhouse again so that the kids will sleep in there own rooms and its totally 100% more family time." We were so happy we decided to stay in the "Key West" section of the resort and in the West Village. We sure did get lucky! The resort has four separate villages and each one has a different theme. They have the French, Caribbean, Italian and Key West villages. The French and Caribbean villages are definitely outdated. We did enjoy the Caribbean village for the restaurants and the site of our "re-tie the knot" ceremony! It was beautiful. We had dinner at Arizona's and there was music playing from a nearby wedding reception. They had amazing ribs and good steak too! I got two meals for dinner that night. We kept saying our 6th family member was "Charley", Most of the tables there are set for a family of six so we always had an extra seat. Sometimes Samara's cheetah was sitting there but most of the time it was just for the extra meal.
This was stocked in our room so we enjoyed a nice bottle of wine on our balcony the first night after we got back from dinner at Neptune's. The kids would be camped out on the trundle bed watching tv(mostly coverage of the Presidental Election) the night before Trump came out with the big win. Don and I stayed up until 4 am to watch this epic event unravel right before our eyes. 

This was the view from our doorstep of our townhouse. We had this very peaceful and quiet pool right at our doorstep. It was blissful and we enjoyed this much more than the Italian Village Pool. Even though we didn't have any games or swim up bars, we still enjoyed meeting other families and ordering drinks from the cocktail waitress. We would wonder over to the Italian village or French Village when the kids wanted more entertainment. Connor even played a soccer match on Friday in the French Village and his team won!
 Little footsteps in the sand on the crystal clear blue beaches of Turks. 

The Italian Village hosted a few of our favorite restaurants. Cricketeers for lunch and Barefoot by the sea for both lunch and dinner. We ate at both of these places multiple times. Barefoot was exactly as you picture it... toes in the sand. My kind of relaxing while eating great food. There fish was perfectly cooked and everything was delicious from the appetizers to the desserts and drinks. I loved their cosmos and Don loved the mojiotos. The kids loved the lemonade and the iced tea there too! We mostly tried to stay away from the Italian Village during the day because it was very loud and crowded. We liked the Key West pool because you could actually get a chair and enjoy the pool with out tying to find your kids. We definitely had the best buffet restaurant in our village. We had breakfast there almost everyday except for one time we went upstairs to Sky.. which was heaven! At night its an adult restaurant so we were only lucky enough to enjoy breakfast there. For some reason all the kids wanted every day was the buffet. I must say they had the best omelettes and oatmeal I've ever had. They had awesome mimosas too. The kids loved that they could get whatever they wanted and take a bite or two and get back up and move on to the next delightful dish. The only downside to Bayside was the coffee never stayed hot. I really enjoyed the early mornings with the coffee in our room that Don made and often brought up to me while I was still laying in bed. Or the kids would be playing and we would enjoy our coffee on the balcony until everyone was ready to go eat.
The French Village housed the kids most favorite thing...The Pirates Island waterpark. It was like a top of the line Sesame Place with a kids swim up bar, a surf simulator ride, a lazy river, 5 waterslides and a restaurant that was open daily from 11am to 6am...Yes...6am...we took a double take on the hours. They had the ice cream, cotton candy, pop corn and believe it or not, very good mac and cheese. This village also had the kids camps which we didn't use and the xbox playground which I thought would be a big hit for Connor but he much rather stay with his sisters and play on the slides and in the hot tub. We also went to the Kimono's restaurant, which was the only one you needed a reservation for and frankly it was my least favorite. Our chef was boring and our families that were sitting with us were boring and Connor had to leave because the smell made him sick, so needless to say it wasn't one of our favorites. We did get some pretty spectacular pictures though of our family and the kids before hand. Everyone at the resort was super friendly and always was offering to go the extra mile. The French Village did have a great coffee shop. They had delicious pastries and cookies and great coffee mocha drinks.
The Key West resort is the newest resort to Beaches. It was obvious that it was the most updated and also had the best chef. The three restaurants and bars there were definitely top notch. We ate at Neptunes twice and Bayside like 7 times and Sky once. We had drinks from all of the restaurants  and the beach here was divine. It was the least crowded and the best area for finding treasures. Don found a few amazing conch shells, a sand dollar and lots of coral. We even floated on the anchored raft a few times. The atmosphere of both Neptunes and Bayside was key. They had a singer who entertained you while you ate, flickering of the flames from the beachside torches and the flames of the fire pits glowed. It made you just want to sit there and chill forever.

 Barefoot was the restaurant at the Italian Village that you could litterally just flip off your flip flops, put your toes in the sand and enjoy a wonderful meal beachfront. It was Meghan's favorite place. She requested it for her birthday lunch because she said they made the best grilled cheese and pickles. 

Dinner at Neptune's, this was by far my most favorite restaurant. The atmosphere and the food were both top notch. 

Our Room 
 From the moment we stepped inside our door we were completely wowed! We were never without anything to drink, Our room was stocked with every drink you could think of, from soda, juice, water, beer, to vodka, rum, whiskey and Champagne and wine. They only thing Beaches is missing is snacks in the pantry to munch on during the day. We finally caved and bought an 18$ box of goldfish from the store and you would have thought we hit the lottery. Everyone was fighting for the fish. The view from our room was beautiful. We had the poolside view on the front and the garden view in the back. We couldn't see the actual beach but we could see if the flags were red or green or yellow. Which unfortunately they were yellow almost the entire trip which meant no bikes or paddle boarding allowed. It was so peaceful to hear the sound of the breeze blowing and the waterfalls hitting the pool with the music in the background. My favorite part of the day was after we returned from dinner and just relaxing on the balcony with a glass of wine each night reading my book. Our room was cleaned twice a day and every time we had little touches of happiness.
This was the view from our pool lounges looking at our room. We had two floors right behind that palm tree. Mommy and Daddy were relaxing enjoying watching the kids playing and having fun together. 

Our special day
The wedding Vow renewal ceremony
November 9, 2016

This was taken at Sky restaurant on the rooftop of the bayside restaurant. The views from here were amazing. There breakfast was a la carte and I had the most fabulous crab and eggs. We had a delicious fruit platter all to share and other yummy pastries and pancakes as well. 

Prepping for the re-tie the knot ceremony. 

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